Pirelli: Overtakes increased by 30%

One of the tasks in the transition to the new regulations was to increase the number of catch-up actions. Previously, the racers lost some of the downforce in the disrupted airflow behind the other car, which prevented them from attacking at full power, but the new rules allow them to get closer to the opponent.

On those circuits where it was almost impossible to overtake before, nothing has changed – there you have to change the configuration, which is not always possible, but on the “overtaking” tracks the number of successful maneuvers has increased. According to Pirelli’s calculations, by more than 30%, only overtaking actions that took place on the track were taken into account, and not in the pits due to pit stops.

If in 2021 there were 599 overtakes, then in 2022 – 785, with the same 22 races.

Mario Isol, Pirelli: “30% is a good increase, especially considering that this is a real figure, not an exaggeration. Essentially, the progress is due to the cars losing less downforce behind the opponent and the tires slipping and overheating less, respectively.

In the past drivers often complained that when following another car they lose traction and start to slide, losing the chance to attack, but now they can be constantly behind the entire stretch.

Now we see the battle of two or three cars, where the battle takes place all over the circle, not just one corner on two, three, four circles. This is the main difference with previous years. It was not easy to achieve this, but the new machines have changed the situation. It’s not just the tyres, but they’ve become one of the factors that I’m very happy with.”

Source: F1 News

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