Nico Rosberg: Ricciardo didn’t have much choice

The day before, Red Bull Racing announced the signing of a third driver contract with Daniel Ricciardo for 2023. 2016 World Champion Nico Rosberg believes a break in performance could help the Australian rider get back into shape.

Nico Rosberg: “I think Daniel had little choice but to accept the role of third pilot. Potentially he could get a job with Haas, but that is clearly not the option he was looking for. He wants to compete on a competitive level, fight for points, podiums and so on.

Daniel was having a hard time. Only two years ago he was named the next world champion and now he has taken an inglorious farewell to the sport. It’s hard to say why he couldn’t squeeze the speed out of the car and show the results we saw.

Don’t forget that Daniel beat Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel of the exact same car – during that season at Red Bull he was faster. Ricciardo is a great racer, so it’s very strange that he couldn’t get results for two years behind the wheel of completely different cars. I do not understand this.

He got the role of the third pilot. He will rest for a year – who knows, he may get another chance to return.

Source: F1 News

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