Jack Doohan: Switching to Alpine is the best decision of my career

Jack Doohan called it the best decision of his career to move from the Red Bull youth program to the Alpine youth program. The Australian driver believes that if he had continued to work with Helmut Marko, he would not have spent two practices in Formula 1 this year and not participated in the tests in Abu Dhabi.

Jack Doohan: “If I had stayed in the program I was in, I wouldn’t have done two workouts. Maybe I still wouldn’t have been behind the wheel of Formula 1 then. I feel the team needs me – they treat me well and have taught me a lot. I am happy with my decision – at the moment it turned out to be the best in my career. Plus I was close enough to get a spot in Formula 1 next season, which is great.

In 2023 my main priority will be racing in Formula 2. I will try to squeeze the maximum out of it so that I can get a spot as lead driver in Formula 1 in 2024 or 2025. I trust Alpine and I believe that if I title, then I have chances of a contract. If you have to wait another year, that’s okay. I’m ready to wait for a place in Alpine and move on with them.

It is of course nice if there is a chance to start in 2024, but we are talking about a future that is not a foregone conclusion. I hope it will work itself out for me if I win in Formula 2.”

Source: F1 News

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