Athletistic/Formula-1. Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa has commented on Spanish driver Fernando Alonso’s desire to leave Alpin. Earlier it became known that from 2023 Alonso will play for Aston Martin.

– Fernando has changed teams several times, and in recent years it has not always been successful. What would you say to a skeptical fan?

– I would tell him that nobody knows (what will happen in the future), it is not mathematics. But you always have to bet on the best option available, and at the moment, without a doubt, that is Aston Martin. But not because of the current performances that everyone sees. What Fernando sees and what we see in the team are their aspirations, the changes, the tools, the new wind tunnel, the new simulator, the new base. It’s all very encouraging, and that’s the hallmark of Aston Martin, the main reason why Fernando is here. It’s the future. But we don’t know how long it will take to pay off, it’s not a football team, when signing four stars, a lot has already been done, de la Rosa said.

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