Flavio Briatore: Fernando is a Rottweiler

Flavio Briatore, who led the Renault team when Fernando Alonso shone on the Formula 1 circuits, is confident that the two-time world champion, partnered with Aston Martin F1, will do everything in his power to succeed.

When Alonso signed with the Silverstone-based team, now associated with the legendary British sports car maker, there were doubts: was the Formula 1 veteran wrong to bet on Aston Martin in the slope of his career? But after first impressions of the AMR22 during one-day testing in Abu Dhabi, Fernando said he was pleasantly surprised by its speed and efficiency.

Indeed, Aston Martin is investing very heavily in the construction of state-of-the-art infrastructure, the construction of the team’s new base is being completed, the development of the 2023 car is in full swing, but some of the results of this project will have to wait until the pre -season winter testing in Bahrain.

But already, in his own way, Flavio Briatore gave an interesting comment in the broadcast of the Spanish TV channel DAZN, saying literally the following: “Fernando is a Rottweiler, it is in this capacity that he comes to Aston Martin, and I don don’t see any problems here He has a great season ahead, two seasons in fact.

In general, Formula 1 is now developing at a fantastic pace, the championship’s popularity is at a very high level and if the demand for Grand Prix tickets exceeds the supply, then this can be considered a huge success.

Source: F1 News

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