Alex Albon: Traffic got in the way

Alex Albon: Traffic got in the way

Williams drivers Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi completed the qualifying protocol of the Spanish Grand Prix. The team explained this result by getting into traffic and not having enough speed in fast corners.

Alex Albon (19th): “At the end of qualifying I had some traffic problems, but it always happens when all the cars go straight onto the track. I had a few good attempts, which made me understand that we had solved some problems.

Today there was a potential to squeeze more speed out of the car, but in the decisive attempt I got into traffic and couldn’t improve my time. Too bad, because the car and tires worked well. I’m disappointed we didn’t get a better result.”

Nicholas Latific (20th): “I think everyone will have a long race tomorrow. Sunday is expected to be the hottest day of the weekend, so tire degradation will be an issue for everyone regardless of pace. Other people’s mistakes can give us opportunities, so we still have reasons to remain optimistic.

Today was very difficult. Yesterday we had problems, so in the evening the team tried to find settings that would make the car more normal. However, we still lack speed and we lose a lot of speed in fast corners.”

Source: F1 News

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