Isola: This is the most serious new tire test

Isola: This is the most serious new tire test

Tire wear on the hot track in Barcelona was so great that the teams spent 53 pit stops in the race. Pirelli thinks the tires performed well…

Mario Isola, Pirelli: “Racing the track with heavy loads at asphalt temperatures over 50 degrees and predictably high wear was the toughest test for the new 18-inch tires. We can say that they did this job very well, especially considering that almost all the riders used only soft compounds.

We were surprised when almost everyone chose Soft for the first stint, many of them riding them for most of the distance. In the race we saw a wide range of strategies, which added to the spectacle of an extremely tight fight, also because these cars are easier to overtake.

Congratulations Red Bull on the double win. Next week in Monaco we will have to solve very different tasks.

Source: F1 News

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