Formula 1 unhappy with the organization of the Spanish Grand Prix

Formula 1 unhappy with the organization of the Spanish Grand Prix

Ahead of the weekend in Barcelona, ​​the organizers of the Spanish Grand Prix were pleased to report high sales – over 100,000 spectators attended the track on race day, but local services were not ready for this.

The heat, unusual for late May, added to the difficulties. Already Saturday, fans wrote on social networks that the free drinking fountains were not working and that people could queue up to an hour and a half for food and drinks or to go to the toilet under the blazing sun. It was especially difficult for those who came with children.

On Sunday, serious transport problems also became apparent – a trip to the track by private car took several hours, and the local station of Montmelo simply could not serve such a number of passengers. Many complained about the inability to get to the parking lots even though such a service was paid – and the rudeness and unwillingness of the guards to help cardholders.

After the weekend, Formula 1 made an official statement about the inadmissibility of a repeat of such a situation in the future.

“The large number of fans at this event, both on and off the track, caused problems with their movement. We have made the promoter aware that this is unacceptable and should be corrected next season,” the statement said.

Source: F1 News

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