Red Bull’s entry fee will exceed $6,000,000

Each year, Formula 1 teams pay an entry fee to the FIA ​​for the right to start the following season. The cost of the entry fee is not included in the budget cap and consists of two parts: the base amount and the payment for each point earned in the last season.

Under the rules, the base entry fee for 2023 for each team is $617,687, up 7% from last year. The Constructors’ Championship winner must pay $7,411 per point earned, while all other teams pay $6,174 per point earned.

For example, the Red Bull Racing team that won the Constructors’ Championship with 759 points will pay a record $6,242,636. In total, all teams will pay the FIA ​​$21,624,653 for the right to compete in the 2023 season.

Team Glasses Contribution amount for 2023
Red Bull races 759 $6,242,636
Ferrari 554 $4,038,083
Mercedes 515 $3,797,297
Alps 173 $1,685,789
McLaren 159 $1,599,353
Alfa Romeo 55 $957,257
Aston Martin 55 $957,257
hare 37 $846 125
AlphaTauri 35 $833,777
Willems eight $667,079

Source: F1 News

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