Alonso: I can’t stand driving in the rain in Monaco

Alonso: I can’t stand driving in the rain in Monaco

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Alpine F1 drivers answered several questions from the team’s press service, which were somehow related to the theme of the weekend in the Mediterranean principality

Q: On the circuit in Monaco, do you prefer to race clockwise or are you ready to try and drive in the opposite direction?
Fernando Alonso: Clockwise of course.

Esteban Okon: Rolling counterclockwise would be nice, but it’s not possible!

Fernando Alonso: Look, he always contradicts me! (laughs)

Q: Do you prefer to race in dry weather in Monaco or in the rain?
Fernando Alonso: No, this track is a hundred times better for racing when it’s dry. I can’t stand driving there in the rain.

Esteban Okon: I agree.

Question: Would you prefer a cruise on a yacht or on a regular boat?
Esteban Okon: I don’t have one or the other. Fernando, can you invite me to your yacht?

Fernando Alonso: No, I can’t yet. Next year.

Esteban Okon: Thank you in advance!

Q: Are you more likely to go all-in or bluff at the card table?
Fernando Alonso: I’m going to bluff because I’m terribly unlucky with cards. So you have to bluff.

Esteban Okon: I wouldn’t play at all, it’s better to see Fernando do it! (laughs)

Q: Would you rather go to the casino or to the theater?
Fernando Alonso: At the casino.

Esteban Okon: Do you like seeing people cry at the end of their game?

Fernando Alonso: No, they don’t cry, but have fun, drink, relax and generally walk. And in the theater, in my opinion, everything is too serious.

Esteban Okon: Okay, I’m going to the casino with Fernando.

Q: Which is more interesting, a lap around the Monaco track or around the Indianapolis track during the Indy 500 race?
Fernando Alonso: Indy 500 I think. The race in Monaco isn’t that interesting after all. While qualifying there is excellent, you can’t say the same about the race.

Q: In Monaco is it more interesting to race during the day, or would you rather try it at night?
Esteban Okon: At night you can’t see anything there, the lighting is insufficient. So it won’t be easy.

Fernando Alonso Maybe during the day.

Q: Which do you think is better – if the Monaco Grand Prix opened the season, or if the championship final was held there?
Esteban Okon: I think definitively. It is better to come to such a circuit if you have already studied the car well and are better prepared.

Fernando Alonso: And I’d rather it be the first leg of the season.

Esteban Okon: Here he also likes to contradict me in everything!

Fernando Alonso: No, I just don’t care, so let the season start with this race.

Source: F1 News

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