Monaco Grand Prix: Track and Statistics

Monaco Grand Prix: Track and Statistics
the date track circle length circles Distance
27-29/05/2022 Monaco 3337 m 78 260.286 km
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There is no stranger and more controversial stage on the calendar, but every racer dreams of winning Monaco. The smallest mistake leads to retirement, engine power and aerodynamic efficiency have almost no effect on the result, there is nowhere to overtake – a complete set of characteristics that are opposed to the demands of modern Formula 1.

The stage organizer is the Automobile Club of Monaco, now this is the only stage on the calendar that does not pay for the race, but this year Bernie Ecclestone’s contract expires, and the new one will certainly have to be paid for.

Formula 1 came to the land of the principality in the year of his birth. The 1950 round ended with the victory of Juan Manuel Fangio, who covered the distance of the race in 3 hours 13 minutes at an average speed of 98.7 km/h. Even then they said the track was too dangerous, in 1952 the Italian Luigi Fagioli died during practice, and the city circuit left the calendar for several years, but Formula 1 needed its own pearl, in 1955 the track returned to Monaco – and forever.

Many accidents have happened here for six decades, but only one pilot, Italian Lorenzo Bandini, died during the World Cup races and two more flew into the water. In fact, the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the safest stages on the calendar.

This is the slowest track on the calendar, the difference between the best and the failed lap is very small – you have to take risks. In Monaco it is almost impossible to overtake, the outcome of the race depends largely on qualifying and the first corner.

A good starting position is very important on this track, it is often said that this race is won on Saturday.

Track Configuration

Track features

A unique track requires a unique approach as teams adjust the suspension and aerodynamic settings to achieve maximum downforce and effective traction. Bumpy straights and tight corners require special chassis adjustments, and tight hairpin bends require a larger wheel angle.

The key is confidence in the car and the optimal pace of the lap, the teams try to give the riders maximum time on track during free practice and an accident during practice can seriously affect the course of the entire weekend. It’s a real challenge to do a clean lap in Monaco, it’s hard to avoid mistakes by collecting the best three sectors in qualifying in one lap.

The condition of the asphalt at the beginning of the weekend leaves something to be desired, then the situation gradually improves, but in the evening and at night the track is available to fans, so that in the morning of every day the asphalt does not look perfect after countless parties.

Sergio Perez: “I like everything in Monaco. This is my favorite track and one of the most important races of the season. I always try to enjoy the week before the Grand Prix, immerse myself in a special atmosphere and make the most of the opportunity to drive a car on this great track.

Why do I love Monaco so much? It’s not easy to race there, it’s a serious challenge. On every lap you feel pressure and there is no way to relax. It is necessary to gradually increase the speed, but not overdo it. If the car works great and you feel confident, that’s the best you can experience.

Qualifying in Monaco is the most important session of the year. I usually say qualifying this weekend is 99% success because it’s very difficult to overtake in a race unless it’s raining. So there is a lot of pressure on Saturday and it is not easy to avoid traffic in the first part of qualifying when all the cars are on track at the same time. The session can turn into a lottery. In such cases, you completely trust the team and hope that it will help you to find free space.

Weekend schedule

You can follow the progress of all Formula 1 sessions on our live streaming page. We have written instructions for watching live video broadcasts.

Monaco Grand Prix schedule. Moscow time
Day Event Time
26/05 Formula 2. First training 18:05 – 18:50
27/05 Qualification Formula 2 (Group A) 12:40 – 12:56
27/05 Qualification Formula 2 (Group B) 13:04 – 13:20
27/05 Formula 1. Presentation of cars 13:30 – 14:30
27/05 Formula 1. First training 15:00 – 16:00
27/05 Formula 1. Second training 18:00 – 19:00
28/05 Formula 1. Third training 14:00 – 15:00
28/05 Formula 1. Qualification 17:00 – 18:00
28/05 Formula 2. Sprint (30 laps or 45 minutes + 1 lap) 18:40 – 19:30
29/05 Formula 2. Race (42 laps or 60 minutes + 1 lap) 10:50 – 11:55
29/05 Formula 1. Parade of pilots 14:00 – 14:30
29/05 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix (78 laps or 120 minutes) 16:00-18:00

Tire sets given to teams for the weekend

For the first time in the season Pirelli will bring the softest compounds to the podium – C3, C4 and C5 marked as Hard, Medium and Soft.

A set of the softest tires must be kept for the qualifying final – after that those who raced in the final must return this set to Pirelli.

One set of medium and hard tires must be kept for the race – unless declared wet, riders must use at least one of these sets.

Performance of active riders in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton celebrates victory in Monaco

Performance of current riders in the Monaco Grand Prix
racer GP Glasses circles Best pool 1st row fast
a circle
stage win
all leader get started the end
F. Alonso 17 100 1199 153 a a 2 3 a 4 2
L. Hamilton fourteen 169 1089 245 a a 2 5 2 7 3
S. Vettel thirteen 178 876 121 a a a 3 2 7 2
D. Riccardo ten 85 671 102 a a 2 3 a 4 a
S.Perez ten 33 616 7 3 2 a
V.Bottas eight 37 551 2 3 a a
Mr Verstappen 6 49 408 78 2 a a a a a
C. Sainz 6 40 467 4 2 a
K.Magnussen 5 2 342 5 ten
L.Stroll 4 4 301 thirteen eight
P. Gasly 3 25 234 6 5 a
E. Okon 3 ten 155 6 6
Sh.Lecler 3 86 a eighteen a a
L. Norris 2 fifteen 156 5 3 a
D.Russell 2 154 fifteen fourteen
A.Elbon a 4 78 ten eight
N. Latifi a 77 eighteen fifteen


a 77 sixteen sixteen
M. Schumacher a 75 20 eighteen
Guanyu Zhou did not participate in the Monaco Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel: “Monaco is one of my favorite circuits where you have to solve extremely difficult problems – you can’t afford a single mistake. You can only overtake at great risk. The best place to overtake is in front of the chicane at the exit of the tunnel, where we brake from a speed of 300 km/h to first gear.

In Monaco, a lot depends on the patience of the riders and the reliability of the equipment, the suspension on an uneven track with differences in height constantly works with the maximum load. Ideally, you should qualify well and start from pole position.”

Monaco Grand Prix : All stages
the date Qualification Winner
23/05/21 Sh.Lecler Ferrari Mr Verstappen Red Bull
26/05/19 L. Hamilton Mercedes L. Hamilton Mercedes
27/05/18 D. Riccardo Red Bull D. Riccardo Red Bull
28/05/17 K.Raikkonen Ferrari S. Vettel Ferrari
29/05/16 D. Riccardo Red Bull L. Hamilton Mercedes
24/05/15 L. Hamilton Mercedes N.Rosberg Mercedes
25/05/14 N.Rosberg Mercedes N.Rosberg Mercedes
26/05/13 N.Rosberg Mercedes N.Rosberg Mercedes
27/05/12 M. Schumacher Mercedes Mr Webber Red Bull
29/05/11 S. Vettel Red Bull S. Vettel Red Bull
16/05/10 Mr Webber Red Bull Mr Webber Red Bull
24/05/09 D.Button BrawnGP D.Button BrawnGP
25/05/08 F. Massa Ferrari L. Hamilton McLaren
27/05/07 F. Alonso McLaren F. Alonso McLaren
28/05/06 F. Alonso Renault F. Alonso Renault
22/05/05 K.Raikkonen McLaren K.Raikkonen McLaren
23/05/04 J. Trulli Renault J. Trulli Renault
01/06/03 R. Schumacher Williams H. Montoya Williams
26/05/02 H. Montoya Williams D.Coulthard McLaren
27/05/01 D.Coulthard McLaren M. Schumacher Ferrari
04/06/00 M. Schumacher Ferrari D.Coulthard McLaren
16/05/99 Mr Hakkinen McLaren M. Schumacher Ferrari
24/05/98 Mr Hakkinen McLaren Mr Hakkinen McLaren
11/05/97 H. Frentzen Williams M. Schumacher Ferrari
19/05/96 M. Schumacher Ferrari O. Panis Ligier
28/05/95 D. Hill Williams M. Schumacher Benetton
15/05/94 M. Schumacher Benetton M. Schumacher Benetton
23/05/93 A. Prosto Williams A.Senna McLaren
31/05/92 N. Mansell Williams A.Senna McLaren
12/05/91 A. Senna McLaren A. Senna McLaren
27/05/90 A. Senna McLaren A.Senna McLaren
07/05/89 A.Senna McLaren A. Senna McLaren
15/05/88 A. Senna McLaren A. Prosto McLaren
31/05/87 N. Mansell Williams A.Senna lotus
11/05/86 A.Prost McLaren A.Prost McLaren
19/05/85 A. Senna lotus A.Prost McLaren
03/06/84 A. Prosto McLaren A.Prost McLaren
15/05/83 A. Prosto Renault K. Rosberg Williams
23/05/82 R. Arnoux Renault R. Patrese brabham
31/05/81 N.Piquet brabham J. Villeneuve Ferrari
18/05/80 D. Pironic Ligier K. Roiteman Williams
27/05/79 D.Shekter Ferrari D.Shekter Ferrari
07/05/78 K. Roiteman Ferrari P. Payer Tyrell
22/05/77 D. Watson brabham D.Shekter Wolf
30/05/76 N. Lauda Ferrari N. Lauda Ferrari
11/05/75 N. Lauda Ferrari N. Lauda Ferrari
26/05/74 N. Lauda Ferrari R. Peterson lotus
03/06/73 D. Stewart Tyrell D. Stewart Tyrell
14/05/72 E. Fittipaldic lotus J. Beltoise BRM
23/05/71 D. Stewart Tyrell D. Stewart Tyrell
10/05/70 D. Stewart March J. Rindt lotus
18/05/69 D. Stewart mattress G. Hill lotus
26/05/68 G. Hill lotus G. Hill lotus
07/05/67 D. Brabham brabham D. Halm brabham
22/05/66 D.Clark lotus D. Stewart BRM
30/05/65 G. Hill BRM G. Hill BRM
10/05/64 D.Clark lotus G. Hill BRM
26/05/63 D.Clark lotus G. Hill BRM
03/06/62 D.Clark lotus B. McLaren Cooper
14/05/61 S.Moss lotus S.Moss lotus
29/05/60 S.Moss lotus S.Moss lotus
10/05/59 S.Moss Cooper D. Brabham Cooper
18/05/58 T. Brooks vanwall M.Trentignan Cooper
19/05/57 JMFangio Maserati JMFangio Maserati
13/05/56 JMFangio Ferrari S.Moss Maserati
22/05/55 JMFangio Mercedes M.Trentignan Ferrari
21/05/50 JMFangio Alfa Romeo JMFangio Alfa Romeo

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