Ferrari drivers have chosen their favorite parts of the track

Formula 1 is expanding its geography, in 2023 we are waiting for 23 races to be held on 23 different circuits, each of which is interesting in its own way, each has its own characteristics, but there is not one ideal among them.

Therefore, periodically attempts are made to come up with some kind of ideal ring that would embody all the advantages, but at the same time be devoid of the shortcomings of existing routes. Another such attempt was made by Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and this is how it happened.

The main condition is that this track consists of the best corners and straights that exist on real tracks.

Charles Leclerc: Should I start by choosing the best straight or the best corner?

Carlos Sainz: Every good track starts with a good straight!

Charles Leclerc: To begin with, let’s take a straight line in Monza.

Carlos Sainz: This is my favorite line. Baku is also a good option, there are good overtaking opportunities and stuff.

Charles Leclerc: It is also proposed to evaluate the direct line in Jeddah. But I am sure that Monza will win by a wide margin, here we are in solidarity with each other. Now we have to choose the best first turn.

Carlos Sainz: A good straight has to be followed by a good first corner. Choice: Senna’s “Eski” in Brazil…

Charles Leclerc: A very good option.

Carlos Sainz: …Turn 1 in Austin at COTA Speedway…

Charles Leclerc: Also great!

Carlos Sainz: …and the Tarzan exit at Zandvoort. He has a good name!

Charles Leclerc: No, this is not my choice. And the Esok named after Senna and the 1st turn in Austin are almost evenly matched. But if I had to choose one thing, it would be Interlagos.

Carlos Sainz: And I don’t even know… There’s a rich history to these corners in Interlagos, but if you think in terms of overtaking opportunities at the start…

Charles Leclerc: And I like that the track there goes left first, downhill and then turns right.

Carlos Sainz: And from the highest point you can clearly see the entire descent.

Charles Leclerc: Overall we choose Interlagos. Now we have to choose the best chicane. The options are: the Ascari chicane in Monza…

Carlos Sainz: I really like her. In fact, this is one of my favorite turns in the entire calendar. Even though I crashed my car there last year.

Charles Leclerc: Yes, she’s good. But the next option: Maggots – Becketts at Silverstone.

Carlos Sainz: Yes, it’s not easy to make a choice.

Charles Leclerc: And also “eski” in Suzuka.

Carlos Sainz: This further complicates things as this is also one of my favorite industries.

Charles Leclerc: It’s really hard to decide, but if you really have to pick one thing, it’s going to be Silverstone. I like this pairing very much. I don’t know what’s going on, but this track also has excellent asphalt, which makes for a very high quality grip. And the speeds are outrageous.

Carlos Sainz: Yes, I also think this is one of the best sites in the entire championship calendar. Remember how cool it was in 2019 when there was a headwind?

Charles Leclerc: You have a very good memory!

Carlos Sainz: Let’s take both lots, shall we?

Charles Leclerc: So we choose both Silverstone and Suzuka. Now we have to choose the best exit. Offered Eau Rouge in Spa, Parabolica in Monza…

Carlos Sainz: Also a good option. And also turn 130R in Suzuka.

Charles Leclerc: Frankly, the 130R in today’s Formula 1 cars isn’t even a corner.

Carlos Sainz: I would say the same about Eau Rouge. But Parabolica is a real twist.

Charles Leclerc: But Eau Rouge is nice, although we overcome it at full throttle.

Carlos Sainz: And in the rain? If the track is wet, it already turns into a corner, agree?

Charles Leclerc: Agree. If the track is wet, the 130R is also likely to turn into a corner. But let’s choose Eau Rouge.

Carlos Sainz: Let’s!

In the end, the Ferrari drivers signed the photos of those parts of the championship circuits from which they chose the best, and now the signed photos will be raffled among the fans. The only pity is that Charles and Carlos limited themselves to just a list of their favorite segments and turns, but didn’t put together a complete ring of them.

Source: F1 News

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