Christmas card from Red Bull Racing

On Christmas night, the championship team Red Bull Racing surprised fans with a funny Christmas card, which shows a seemingly ordinary set of attributes suitable for the occasion.

Santa Claus offers everyone a Christmas turkey, a brightly decorated Christmas tree, a lot of presents, snow outside the window, guests in warm sweaters with classic winter decor, children on the floor, fascinated by new toys…

But of course it’s all about the details.

Santa Claus utters a phrase that evokes memories of not the most pleasant, but memorable events of last year: “Because of this turkey, we will probably get a budget overrun …”

Christian Horner looks at him, who also has the same red cap on his head, and the expression on the sports director’s face is, shall we say, ambiguous.

Helmut Marko, as always, cannot be called a good grandfather, and only Adrian Newey smiles cheerfully – why should he frown? He is certainly on vacation, because it was on the machines he created that a record number of victories were achieved!

Granted, there’s another character whose mouth goes up to his ears, but he doesn’t seem to be fully animated, or anything… In general, the top of the Christmas tree is made in the shape of Daniel Riccardo, we remember, who returned to the team as reserve pilot. The toy Daniel also wears a sweatshirt with the words “Smile like Dani Rick!”

If you look closely, you can see another characteristic decoration on the Christmas tree – a flag with the inscription “759 points”. That’s how much the Milton Keynes team made during the season by utterly beating rivals. By the way, where are they?

Here they are, on the floor, in a box with the text ‘Unnecessary toys’. The “children” in the person of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez actually don’t even look at Mercedes and Ferrari cars, because they have RB18s.

If you look longer at this picture, more new details and meanings will probably come to light, but the main one is of course on the surface: hardships, problems or difficulties cannot spoil the Red Bull Racing holiday this year.

Source: F1 News

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