Roman Grosjean: There are too many rules in Formula 1

Roman Grosjean is entering his third season in the American IndyCar Series, but the former Renault, Lotus and Haas driver is still closely following the world of Formula 1, moments with which he still disagrees.

For example, last year one of the topics of discussion was the ban on racers wearing jewelery and the FIA ​​has made decisions on several occasions that have led to mixed reactions.

Roman Grosjean: “Some of the topics discussed off the track this year were completely unnecessary to bring up in my opinion. Formula 1 is in its heyday, the races are great, the ratings are unbelievably high. But it seemed to me that introducing some rules, for example a ban on wearing jewelry, was still an excess.

For example, I wouldn’t feel comfortable driving without my wedding ring because it’s become a part of me and I love it. So introducing such a rule is not the best idea.

Moreover, in Formula 1 there are too many rules, and this only complicates everything. I remember the discussion about Fernando Alonso’s 7th place in Austin. It was just an example of more rules than necessary.”

The thing is that the two-time world champion, who had a great time in that race, was fined just after the finish of the US Grand Prix after Haas F1 filed a protest claiming that Alpine’s car was in an unsafe condition. condition was. . The right mirror came off Alonso’s A522 about 38 minutes after it was damaged in a collision with Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin.

Alonso dropped from 7th to 15th as a result, but Alpine protested as Haas was late in making their claims. There were several plot twists in this story, and it lasted more than a day, but it all ended when Fernando got back his 7th place and 6 earned points.

“Initially, the rules were misapplied during the race, but after the finish the stewards decided that Alonso’s car was in an unsafe condition, although it had suffered damage long before,” Grosjean was perplexed. – If it was really unsafe to continue the race on such a car, Fernando should have retired long ago. And then other rules were applied and Alpine reverted to its position. I think it’s all too complicated.”

Source: F1 News

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