Luxury villa Kimi has never found a new owner

Kimi Raikkonen put one of his Finnish houses up for sale at the beginning of the summer, but more than six months have passed, but this very impressive property has not found any new owners.

As the newspaper Savon Sanomat emphasizes, the price of a villa with a total area of ​​351 m2. the meter remains the same: “only” 948 thousand euros, but there were no people who wanted to buy it, and no.

The real estate agency that has been commissioned to sell the property, located about an hour’s drive from Kuopio town, describes it as follows: “This house is designed for a corporate, group of friends or family vacation, it is good to spend your vacation there to bring if you like sports; it is spacious and you are always close to nature.”

Finnish journalists contacted this agency and tried to find out the level of interest of potential buyers in Kimi’s villa, but the real estate agents flatly refused to comment. Apparently, even fairly wealthy people in the current economic situation are in no hurry to invest in such real estate. Either they expect further price cuts, or it’s just not up to luxury at the moment.

The advertisement for the sale of the property contains information about the cost of maintenance: the property tax is 3318 euros per year and heating, water supply, sewerage and other utilities cost 650 euros per month.

Source: F1 News

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