Green: Our machine is designed by our team

Green: Our machine is designed by our team

Apparently we will have to come back more than once to the subject of the suspicious resemblance of the upgraded Aston Martin car and the Red Bull RB18. While the FIA ​​does not believe the Silverstone team has broken the rules in any way, Red Bull Racing is conducting its own investigation.

Meanwhile, Andy Green, Aston Martin’s chief of engineering, assures that the AMR22 is structurally very different from the Red Bull car, although he is willing to admit a certain outward resemblance.

“There are a lot of details in all parts of the car that are completely different from the Red Bull,” Green told The Race. – We have a completely different front wing design; the front suspension is also completely different, as is the chassis as a whole.

In addition, we have another power station, cooling system and gearbox. The rear suspension, rear brake channels, rear fender are all completely different.

But we have adopted the concept of lowering the profile of the side pontoons towards the rear of the machine. But it’s not just the Red Bull car that looks like this, there are a number of other cars that take the same approach. But there are many differences. At the same time, it seems that all attention is focused on a small part of the machine.

We also went down this road and when Red Bull presented their car in February, we started working more actively in this direction. It is only natural that you get inspiration from the developments of other teams.

We have all been able to demonstrate this to the FIA. But actually our car was developed by our team without any outside influence. Federation experts came to our base, conducted a detailed investigation, asked me questions about who exactly was involved in the development of certain parts of the machine, and then spoke to some of these specialists.

In the end, they came to the right conclusion that we weren’t using other people’s intellectual property. Everything has been developed by our team.”

Green means Aston Martin has had about a dozen engineers who have previously worked for Red Bull Racing for many years as of this season, and Milton Keynes suspects they could be illegally using some off-the-shelf solutions, the information of which is in one form or another. way. The image was shared with Aston Martin. But a recent FIA investigation found no such evidence.

Source: F1 News

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