Vettel: Hard suspension is not suitable for Monaco

Vettel: Hard suspension is not suitable for Monaco

At a press conference on Friday, Sebastian Vettel admitted major car updates in Barcelona have not yet had the desired effect, but Aston Martin believes they are on the right track.

Sebastian Vettel: “In Spain we have seriously modified the car with a large package of updates. The whole team worked hard to produce all the parts for the two machines.

The new side pontoons are a completely different direction of development, we are sure we are on the right track. We learned a lot in Barcelona. In qualifying we expected more, in the race everything went better – we were just a little short in the top ten.

It’s still hard to say what we can count on in Monaco. I think the cars that have been in the lead in the past stages will also lead the way here. This year’s cars have very stiff suspension, which is not optimal for Monaco. This makes the stage even more difficult.

I’ve heard it’s going to rain on Sunday, which will complicate things even more. But the rain could affect the balance of power and provide an opportunity to recover.

Vision problems? Here we will raise the seat a little, but only by two or three millimeters. We have become accustomed to the size of these machines. The hardest part will probably be in the casino – estimating how close you can drive to the barrier.

Contract extension? It’s not important to me right now. First of all, we want to get more speed out of the car and then we will negotiate about the future.”

Source: F1 News

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