Aston Martin receives ISO14001 environmental certification

Last autumn we wrote that the Aston Martin team received the highest rating from the FIA ​​for their effective work in environmental conservation. Three stars on the scale introduced by the federation – the highest possible rating of environmental initiatives and their implementation.

Now, during the development of this topic, the team announced the receipt of the official ISO14001 certificate, which confirms compliance with modern environmental standards. In particular, we are talking about the fact that the team’s new base, which is being completed in Silverstone, was originally designed taking into account the latest achievements in environmental protection and energy conservation.

As the press service of Aston Martin assures, among the Formula 1 teams they became the first, the base of which belongs to the Smart Factory category and is equipped with special systems for monitoring the level of energy consumption.

Since Silverstone is in a rural location, the team has paid special attention to how employees get to the new base and return home. To avoid a larger environmental footprint, Aston Martin decided to introduce a special transport program based on the use of electric vehicles, car sharing and the organization of shuttle bus routes.

The team is also increasing the rate of recycling and recycling of all kinds of materials and resources – both on base and on the tracks during race weekends. This also applies to the production process of cars, in which recycled carbon fiber is increasingly used.

Parvir Ramana, Aston Martin F1 Environmental Program Manager: “Until recently there was no carbon recycling equipment, but now our team has it. We will recycle carbon fiber and use it to make various parts for machines, and if possible for our machinery.

In developing a transport plan, we will now also use electric vehicles and plan to organize bus routes to local transport hubs and a car sharing system for our employees who live in neighboring villages.

The team welcomes all these changes and I enjoy working in such an environment where I can implement environmental solutions and people immediately accept them.”

Source: F1 News

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