Favourite. Chapter 12 Part 1

This novel is fictional, you should not look for intersections with historical events. This is a continuation of Nikita Savelyev’s Racing Action Movie, first published on F1News.ru…

Favourite. Chapter 12 Part 1

Set sail and sail wherever you want. Beauty,’ said Powell thoughtfully.

The British pilot Monetti leaned imposingly with his elbows on the parapet of the dike. Before him stretched the azure water surface of a small Mediterranean principality: several ships were anchored – mostly small boats and boats passed by, but sometimes there were quite respectable yachts, apparently belonging to local moneybags. The racers were lazing around – today is an introductory day, but tomorrow the quiet serenity of this colorful curve will be inflated by the sounds of the engines of the world’s most powerful cars, turning the narrow green streets into a unique circuit.

“Our element is earth,” Neville shrugged. – In the sea, too much depends on the forces of nature: wind, waves, current. And I like to be in control.

‘You know, I once dreamed of sailing on a ship,’ Ronald drawled. – As a boy he read books about sea adventures. Believe me, I even almost ran away from home to go to nautical school.

– And what would you do? Have you served as a deckhand on a dry cargo ship? Neville asked lazily.

– To start…

– Hard and low-paid work, I do not think it is worth regretting youthful ambitions.

“You’re not a romantic, Reed.

– Whether it’s the race – once a week he rolled behind the wheel for two hours and a thousand pounds in his pocket – Neville grinned.

“Or he smashed the car into the trash and was left penniless,” Ronald answered him in tone. “And even worse, he broke his arms and legs.

“Every profession has a cost,” Neville shrugged.

And here’s Pierrot! exclaimed Ronald.

The Italian waved affectionately to his comrades and rushed past, his graceful snow-white outfit looked wrinkled, and the same dark glasses flaunted before his eyes.

“I think he went to the casino again yesterday,” said Ronald.

It would be strange if he didn’t do it here.

– I heard that the locals are not allowed to play in the casino.

– A wise decision. This worries the subjects very much, otherwise half of them would have gone bankrupt.

“Don’t you think Pierrot abuses his passion too much?” asked Ronald cautiously.

– Someone drinks like a horse, someone tirelessly drags women around, someone surrounds himself with expensive things. We all have our ways of relaxing,” Neville sighed philosophically. ‘I don’t see anything unusual in Pierrot doing it this way.

“And what are your manners, my friend?” Powell smiled.

“I try to do everything on time,” Neville patted him on the shoulder.

– Let’s ask what your boss thinks about this?

Mr. Carragher approached them slowly, arm in arm with a charming blooming Evie. This time the girl looked like a real lady – a conservative dress, a beautiful hat, high gloves. Everything is strictly coordinated in color. The sea breeze ruffled her loose curls, making her look even more beautiful. Both riders changed their relaxed posture and stretched to attention – they greeted the lady and the director.

– It’s stuffy in here. You can’t take a step without meeting acquaintances,’ Martin said in a bass voice. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve stopped.

– They say that the prince has a project – to increase the territory by draining the sea area, – said Ronald.

“Impossible,” said Carragher. – Can you imagine how much money will be needed? They just don’t have that much money.

“But the influx of tourists has increased recently,” Neville noted. – I raced here at the beginning of the decade and now I can compare. Yes, there were construction sites.

“People are pouring in as the wedding is being talked about, but they won’t be able to hold their attention for very long,” Carragher countered. – The public is drawn to the casino and the race. They say if it’s not the season, life stops here, a real village. They have no resources at all, as well as sights. I appreciate the insight of the young prince – a marriage of convenience saved them from ruin, but I highly doubt he will be able to take his puppet state to another level. You cannot get rich with just the income from the gambling business.

“A tourist again thanks to the newspapers,” Evie interrupted. “I couldn’t miss the chance to stare at the participants in the most famous love story of the twentieth century.

“Really, I haven’t seen you at the races in a long time, Miss,” Neville said politely.

“I’ve traveled,” Evie said meekly. – There are more interesting activities in the world than racing.

“And why didn’t my venerable parents tell me the same thing?” Powell asked with a laugh.

“You’d better tell me exactly where you traveled,” Carragher snapped gruffly. “Believe it or not, my restless child has drifted to America, to the west coast, to California.

“It always seems to be sunny there,” Neville said. – Perfect place.

“And this is the capital of world cinema,” Ronald flashed his acquaintance.

“I’d rather be an actress,” Carragher sighed. “Do you have any idea what kind of entertainment she has invented for herself?”

“I’m sure Evie could be doing something wrong,” Ronald said. “But when I look at your formidable face, I am lost in conjecture.

– Surf. Imagine! exclaimed Carragher.

– Surf? Marcel asked.

– Skating on the board on the water?! Ronald raised his eyebrows.

– You heard right.

– Isn’t that what the Hawaiian natives exclusively do? Powell was surprised.

“Your information is mossy, Ronald,” Evie interrupted. – Now surfing is the most fashionable activity on the entire California coast.

– Serious? What nonsense! exclaimed Ronald.

“Someone races in cars and someone at sea,” Neville said peacefully.

– Cars are another matter – they are a recognized means of transport. And what’s the point of rolling on the board on the waves? Powell wondered. “How did you get there, Miss…

“You are right, this sport, if you can call it that, was only used by the most anomalous inhabitants of the islands, sensible people passed it by,” explained Carragher. “Until some quitter wrote a book about surfing and all its charms – they say you can splash in the waves all day, sunbathe and do absolutely nothing. And, of course, the same loafers liked this idea.

“First of all, it’s an indescribable sense of freedom and battle with the elements,” Evie noted. “It takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to drive. Where is laziness?

“Lots of time for nonsense with terrible risks,” Carragher snapped.

“Really, is it risky?” Neville asked.

“Of course the wave will overwhelm you – and remember your name,” Carragher muttered.

“The boys will understand me,” Evie smiled. “Only dangerous activities really excite the blood. Imagine the emotions you experience when you manage to catch the wave.

“Interesting,” said Ronald cautiously under the stern gaze of his disgruntled father. But maybe too unpredictable. We like to be in control. Yes my friend?

“Of course,” Neville replied expressionlessly.

– Shame! Carragher raged. – I also read Jack London and Dumas as a child, but it never occurred to me that you could go into the woods and become a hunter or challenge anyone you meet to a duel. It is necessary to distinguish between books and reality.

“Enough, Dad,” Evie interrupted. – Your grumbling bored the boys, they just dropped their ears out of courtesy. Let’s go to.

“You’re at the evening reception, I’ll meet you there,” Carragher said goodbye. – Do you prefer youth outings, than during the morning training. Keep in mind, Neville, it starts very early, I advise you to at least keep the appearance of the Regime. Ronald, on the contrary, I suggest you party through the night without getting tired.

And happy with the joke, Carragher shook hands with the pilots.

“There’s no chance of seeing me at the front desk, but I think we’ll definitely meet soon, gentlemen,” Evie flashed a dazzling smile in their direction and lowered her lashes a little as she looked at Neville.

When the two figures, the fat one and the slim one, had left, Ronald asked pensively:

– And if you flop in the water – you go one way, the board goes the other way. Waves are raging everywhere. To save yourself or also a board? Otherwise you cannot save them. How to be?

“I have no idea,” Neville replied. – But what if the car has an accident and you are thrown out of the cockpit?

“It remains only to hope for a lucky chance.

Do you think they are different?

“Maybe we’ll switch transportation, huh, Reid?” Imagine wearing only shorts, a huge board in your hand, sand, sea and sun all around. Perhaps there’s something in this.

“Get there right away, buddy, and I’ll be right behind you as soon as I win the title,” Neville smiled.

== To be continued…

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