Stuck: If I were Vettel I’d be happy for Aston Martin

Stuck: If I were Vettel I’d be happy for Aston Martin

The fine performance of Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso in the first leg of the season was something of a surprise. Hans-Joachim Stuck, a German Formula 1 veteran, believes Sebastian Vettel, who retired last year, has a lot to do with the success of the Silverstone team.

“He made the decision to end his career and should have foreseen everything,” Stuck told Eurosport, when asked if Vettel regrets not driving the fast AMR23 now. Sebastian has chosen a new path for himself. He was a very successful racer for a long time, but if he now decides to change his lifestyle and spend more time with his family, it must be consistent.

If I were Vettel I would just be happy for Aston Martin, because his credit lies in the fact that they are now fighting at the front.

As for Alonso, age doesn’t affect him at all. Fernando is an example of how important experience is. He is extremely motivated, Aston Martin is a strong team and Mike Krak is doing everything right as leader. He knows what his people are capable of, so the team is now on the right track, the results are encouraging and it is hoped that it will achieve further successes.

Although it will not be easy to reach the level of Red Bull. If you remember what was the advantage of Max Verstappen over Sergio Perez, and the Mexican over everyone else, then on the one hand this is impressive, on the other hand it raises questions.

But Alonso’s experience should not be underestimated. At the same time, Lance Stroll proved in Bahrain that he is very capable of showing good results behind the wheel of a fast car. Moreover, the consequences of his injuries are still being felt, so he deserves all the credit.

And there’s nothing to be ashamed of when Lance gives in to his partner. It would be nice if he only loses a few tenths to Fernando – this will already be something to be proud of. As the season progresses, the Canadian still has a lot to learn. It is unlikely that Alonso will hide anything from him, so Lance was in a very favorable situation in all respects.

Source: F1 News

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