Russell: Changes will be noticeable after a few races

Russell: Changes will be noticeable after a few races

George Russell confirmed that the Mercedes team is ready to reconsider the chosen course, and some important decisions have already been made, but signs of change will only become visible after some time.

George Russell: “The mood is quite fighting, although after Bahrain, of course, I had to think a lot, go through different emotions, including not the most pleasant ones. But I think the team managed to come together very quickly, get rid of unnecessary emotions and look for solutions guided by pragmatic considerations.

We need to get back to the previous level as soon as possible and a plan has already been drawn up on how to achieve that. I think we have already understood what mistakes were made in the winter off-season.

There must have been some blunders when building last year’s car, we took an overly aggressive approach and the W13 was subject to a lot of pitching. Then apparently miscalculations were made in the development of the W14, but of the opposite nature, so the new car lacks speed.

On the one hand, there is no build-up, on the other hand, we are unable to achieve the desired results of passing circles. Of course, this upsets everyone in the team, but the lack of speed is not at all due to the fact that we didn’t put in enough effort, or that someone lacked determination. So all important decisions have already been made and the course of the team will be slightly adjusted.

It is impossible to say exactly when there will be signs of improvement in the situation, since it also depends on the pace of progress of the opponents. It is clear that there will be no changes this weekend or next weekend, they will only become noticeable after a few races.

Since the track in Saudi Arabia has completely different characteristics, as well as other characteristics of the asphalt surface, and this factor affects more than many people think, of course, this will significantly affect the balance of power. Moreover, it will not be expressed in one or two tenths in one direction or another, but will be much more noticeable, and this applies to almost every team.

We will try to compete with Ferrari and Aston Martin for third place, although it is not certain that we will succeed. But I believe Red Bull’s advantage is big enough that they will go back to claiming the winning double.

Source: F1 News

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