Valtteri Bottas: Nothing is lost yet

The Alfa Romeo drivers failed to make it to Saudi Arabia’s qualifying final, but believe the C43 has good pace at the Grand Prix and they still have a chance to fight for the points.

Valttery Bottas (14th): “The mood is not very cheerful, because of course we hoped that we could compete to reach the final of qualifying. We came up a little short, but we’ve been having some pretty serious issues all weekend.

We are not in the positions we want to be, but I still hope that our business will improve tomorrow, because in Bahrain we didn’t get into the last session either, but still we were able to run the race with confidence. Tomorrow we set ourselves just such a task.

Races on this circuit are always interesting, a lot can happen in the Grand Prix so nothing is lost yet and we will try to fight for the points.

Guanyu Zhou (12th): “Since the beginning of the weekend, the team has made gradual progress, although I was a little upset, as I came just a little short of reaching the final. But if we talk about my job, today I am more satisfied with the way I did this qualifying compared to how it was in Bahrain.

I made no mistakes and did everything in my power, but we still didn’t have enough speed. Although we had a more economical car in Bahrain. I don’t want to make any premature predictions, but it is quite possible that we can fight for the points, because due to the penalties of other riders I start from 11th place. As always, I will strive to argue with rivals.

Source: F1 News

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