Riccardo on professional and personal plans for 2023

Next week Daniel Ricciardo will arrive at the Grand Prix – in Melbourne – for the first time this season. Today the Red Bull Racing reserve driver published a column in which he spoke about his professional and personal plans for 2023.

“For as long as I can remember, this is the first year where my goals are not 100% related to racing and competition,” writes Daniel. – Although racing is still present in my life, but in a slightly different capacity, so I have the opportunity to set different goals for myself that I want to focus on.

If we talk about professional duties, I should be a team player at Red Bull this year. I not only returned to a familiar environment, but also to a family of which I have many pleasant memories. This year it’s not about me, it’s about the whole team, about the challenge to contribute and help with everything I can.

Working on a simulator, learning about the features of the car and helping to fine tune it – I’m focused on these things. This allows me to develop my abilities, increase my self-confidence and the pleasure of driving.

The past few years have been tough professionally, so I want to remind people that I’m still here, that I’m still a professional and can still contribute to success.

In terms of personal goals, this year I have the luxury of being able to do what I want, but I didn’t have time for that before. I don’t want to let this year pass me by because when I go racing again next year I will regret not taking full advantage of the time I had. So I have three personal goals for this year.

Travel on my terms first. It is strange to say that after the last 15 years I have done nothing but travel the world, but this year I want to travel more. I want to visit a few places, stay longer, explore the country and feel like a local.

In Formula 1, due to the tight schedule, we only come to the country for a few days and see almost nothing except the track and the hotel. It doesn’t feel like vacation at all! I get a lot of energy from meeting new countries, new people and new experiences. Now I want to choose where I fly to and what schedule I spend time on.

Second, to spend more time with the people who are important to me – family and friends. The priority is to spend time alone with them, which I couldn’t afford for years. They always supported me and I didn’t have time to pay them back, but now I’m ready.

Third, to improve your skills behind the wheel of two-wheeled vehicles. People may think I’m joking, but I really want to get better! I’ve always loved motorcycles, but I didn’t have time to ride for my own pleasure.

I like to improve and get better – these qualities I bring to my hobby. I promise to do all the fun things possible on two wheels. Ride with friends, jump off trampolines, spend time in nature. I get excited just thinking about it!

These are my plans for this year. I’m looking forward to all this!”

Source: F1 News

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