Stevenson: I enjoy my job as much as I did 30 years ago

Aston Martin F1 sporting director Andy Stevenson is a lesser figure than team boss Mike Krak and his drivers, but he does very important work.

Suffice it to say that it was Stevenson who negotiated with the stewards of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and convinced them that the team was not breaking any rules during Fernando Alonso’s pit stop, after which they canceled the penalty imposed on the Spanish driver, undo. and he returned to the podium.

Not only has Stevenson been working in Formula 1 since 1991, but he dedicated all thirty years to this particular team, which was originally called Jordan and has now changed to Aston Martin after several changes of ownership. And of course he is one of the most experienced specialists in his field.

“You can’t get involved in all these disputes, but if you know you can win, then you have to collect all the information that confirms your position and provide it to the FIA,” Stevenson told Madrid’s Marca newspaper. proverb. “You can’t demand a review of a decision just because you don’t like it. If you start raising your voice, the FIA ​​simply won’t listen to you.

We have worked very hard to get to the level the team is at now, but we cannot rest on our laurels. In the past there were days when we resisted with all our might but came fourth or fifth and that was enough for us.

We are not here to win a few races – Aston Martin is committed to winning the world championship, this is our strategic goal. And now I enjoy the work no less than 30 years ago in Jordan, only then we didn’t know if we would last another year in Formula 1.

But when you have a competitive car and you’re fighting at the front, it feels like everyone on the team is getting bigger – you can see that in all the employees. The last placed teams will say they work as hard as the leader, and there’s a lot of truth to that. But the psychological tension is much higher when you fight in the front rows.

You have to take many more factors into account and you constantly evaluate all kinds of risks, because you want to make sure that you are doing everything right.

Source: F1 News

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