Piastri: Three hours of training is better than 45 minutes in F2

Oscar Piastri hopes the McLaren team will have the chance to perform better in Monaco than in Miami, where they failed to earn any points: the MCL60 car is more suited to both the track configuration and the weather conditions expected this weekend.

Oscar Piastri: “Before the Miami stage, we foresaw that some corners of the track would not suit our car best, and these premonitions were confirmed. In addition, Lando Norris and I had some issues during the race, and from the outside it may seem like they are more serious than they actually were.

After that Grand Prix we analyzed everything in detail and I hope we can take some steps this weekend to improve. Hopefully Monaco’s circuit configuration will be more suitable for the MCL60, but again cooler weather is expected than in Miami, where the car’s performance was also affected by the heat.

It is clear that this circuit is radically different in configuration from the American one, but at the same time we must do everything we can to eliminate our weaknesses.

The circuit is familiar to me from Formula 2 appearances, but in Formula 1 cars, of course, we go much faster. Still, now we get three hours of training, which is much better than the 45 minutes allotted for track adaptation in the youth series.

Of course I want to start the weekend as good as possible and slowly increase the speed. While we have plenty of time for this, conditions may change over the weekend, but everyone will be roughly on an equal footing in this regard.

This weekend in Indianapolis, the Arrow McLaren team has a very good chance of winning the legendary Indy 500 as all four cars start in the top ten. But according to Oscar, this race still doesn’t interest him much: “To be honest, this doesn’t come very close to me. Watching the riders there enter the first corner at speeds over 380 km/h makes you involuntarily wonder what could happen if something goes wrong. Although I do not rule out that after Formula 1 I will try my hand at IndyCar. But that won’t happen anytime soon.”

Source: F1 News

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