Monaco Grand Prix: Free practice on Friday

First part of free practice

Sunny. Dry. Air +26C, highway +47C

At the beginning of the European part of the season, the teams prepared a lot of new products, but it was only after the cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix due to floods that it started in Monaco, where working with new products is completely inconvenient . However, many of them attracted them and devoted the first training session to gathering information to gain some experience in Barcelona next week.

Notably, a seriously updated car was brought to Mercedes – with much larger side pontoons and seriously redesigned aerodynamics. But other teams also took the opportunity to work with new products in the hope of getting more downforce, which is so important in Monaco.

After the sessions of support races, the track was already in good shape in the first session, and the recently laid new asphalt warmed up to almost 50 degrees under a cloudless sky.

Racers gradually increased speed, but not without problems. Verstappen complained of clutch problems and poor handling, Russell of clutch settings – both returned to the pits and handed the cars over to the mechanics.

Traffic was a huge nuisance, though the riders tried to let those on a fast lap pass. Sainz hit the barrier without visible consequences in turn 15, Stroll in the last, Bottasu showed his reaction in the Rascasse and avoided a collision with Perez.

Halfway through the session Sargent’s car’s power plant lost power, the car braked severely in the tunnel – it slowly returned to the pits and then took off again.

In the 36th minute, Hulkenberg returned to the pits with a left rear tire that had been dismounted after contact with the barrier in the chicane and a corner – and the session was interrupted by red flags for five minutes to clear the debris.

The second time red flags appeared in the final minutes after Elbon’s crash at St. Devote. The blow was hard, the driver was not injured, but the Williams mechanics will have to work. The session was decided not to take place.

The fastest time was set by Carlos Sainz with a lap time of 1:13.372.

Results of the first session

Pilot Team Time Difference Circles
1.K Sainz Ferrari 1:13,372 26
2. F. Alonso Aston Martin 1:13,710 +0.338 28
3. L. Hamilton Mercedes 1:14.035 +0.663 27
4. C. Perez Red Bull 1:14.038 +0.666 27
5. Sch.Lecler Ferrari 1:14.093 +0.721 24
6. M. Verstappen Red Bull 1:14,244 +0.872 26
7. L. Norris McLaren 1:14,467 +1,095 25
8. E. Okon Alps 1:14,585 +1,213 29
9. L. Walk Aston Martin 1:14,653 +1,281 28
10. A. Albon Willems 1:14,666 +1,294 32
11. V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 1:14,718 +1,346 29
12. K. Magnussen hare 1:14,725 +1,353 29
13. Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1:14,820 +1,448 29
14.P Gasly Alps 1:14,866 +1,494 thirty
15.D Russell Mercedes 1:15.066 +1,694 24
16.N. deVries AlphaTauri 1:15.083 +1,711 33
17. O. Piastri McLaren 1:15.192 +1,820 32
18. L. Sargent Willems 1:15,557 +2,185 thirty
19.G Zhou Alfa Romeo 1:15,684 +2.312 25
20. N. Hulkenberg hare 1:15,785 +2,413 17

Source: F1 News

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