Alonso: In Canada we get the chance to bounce back

Fernando Alonso thinks Aston Martin can bounce back in Canada after not the best weekend in Barcelona, ​​where the AMR23 was clearly less efficient than on previous circuits.

For the Spanish round of the championship, the Silverstone team came 2nd in the Constructors’ Championship, second only to Red Bull Racing, and in Monaco, Alonso finished second, although he lost to Max Verstappen by nearly 28 seconds. But everyone remembers that events on the city track developed according to a rather bizarre scenario, because the weather interfered with them.

But in Barcelona, ​​Fernando showed only 9th time in qualifying, and in the race he was seventh, and this is his worst result of the season.

“If we had qualified well and started from the front rows, the tires would wear less during the race and we could count on a 3rd or 4th place,” the two-time world champion reasoned after the Spanish Grand Prix. – In Miami we weren’t ready to fight for the podium, but we were able to qualify in the feather row, which allowed us to finish in the top three.

The same can be said about Monaco. We have so many podiums because we played great on Saturday. And here qualifying was very unimportant, but I still remain calm.

We didn’t like the job in the best way. From the start of the weekend we had to use completely different settings than we predicted, so already during the weekend we had to work hard to achieve a comfortable driving experience. We can say that this was a new situation for us. Before, we were always happy with the car from the first practice sessions, but now we have to put in a bit more effort.

But I’m not worried because some of the coming weekends will be better, some of them worse, but in Canada we have a chance to bounce back. We lost points against Mercedes and they did better than us this weekend, so we have to try and get ahead of them next time.

Still, I’m in a good mood, because even though I started from the depths of the pack, I still progressed, albeit only to a certain extent. George Russell and Sergio Perez were clearly faster and there was little I could do. But in Canada there will be some new items on our car again and also on Silverstone. The results will depend on who else will showcase their new products.

Source: F1 News

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