McLaren is preparing new items for Austria

In Barcelona, ​​the McLaren drivers performed well in qualifying but failed to score any points in the race. Team leader Andrea Stella explained these results by changing the conditions and said the car should operate in a longer range after the upgrade.

Andrea Stella: “In Barcelona we made the most of the settings that work for us in a very narrow range. In qualifying they worked, the grip was very good and everything worked. But with the same settings in different conditions, for example in Miami, we wouldn’t have passed two cars through to the qualifying final.

Rain, cold, cloud cover – we have no control over these factors. I hope that the novelties we are preparing will make the car more versatile. We are preparing a large-scale update for the stage in Austria. We are talking about a new aerodynamic body kit, new items will be very noticeable.

Source: F1 News

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