Alfa Romeo takes a cue from Aston Martin

After a disappointing performance in 2022 when the team struggled to reach the top ten, Aston Martin is earning regular points in 2023, with its driver Fernando Alonso climbing to the podium.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, CEO of the Sauber Group and spokesman for the Alfa Romeo team, said the example of Silverstone colleagues is inspiring and shows that with the right approach results can be achieved.

“Aston Martin is an example for everyone in Formula 1, not just us,” said Alessandro Alunni Bravi. “They invested heavily in the team’s infrastructure and qualified personnel, and were able to choose the right path for technical development. We must follow their example.

Their successes give hope to our employees and show that through work, investment and the right decisions we too can improve and compete for higher positions in the future.

Of course this takes time and the maximum dedication of each employee, but we want to follow the same path that we took in Aston Martin.

I am not surprised by their results. It should not be forgotten that they built the project on the basis of a rock-solid Force India/Racing Point team, as the team finished fourth or fifth in the Constructors’ Championship despite a limited budget.

They already had a base to work with, to which they added investment and a driver of Fernando Alonso’s stature. Aston Martin made the right decisions and we follow the same plan.

Of course it will take time. We started as a Sauber, if you will, as an Alfa Romeo, in 2017 with tenth place in the Constructors’ Championship. We were sixth last year.”

Source: F1 News

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