Michael Andretti: We can

For some time now, not the FIA, but the teams have begun to decide who they want to see in Formula 1. Mercedes openly says that if someone wants to come to Formula 1 they have to buy one of the existing teams, but Andretti Autosport head Michael Andretti stated that none of the teams are for sale.

Michael Andretti: “We tried to buy one of the existing teams, but nobody is interested. You come up with a realistic offer and they don’t want to talk. I honestly tried and was dissatisfied with the way I was met.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing it one way or another, they protect their interests, and I can’t blame them for this. But everyone thinks only of themselves. In their place, I probably would have done the same.

Formula 1 is a very expensive sport. The forces involved, each team takes on great commitments and defends its status. But they will not make the decision. The series leaders and the FIA ​​must decide how to proceed.

I have faith that we will succeed. We have gone through all the points that are required of us, but certainty and reality are sometimes different. I believe we have everything we need to be competitive, get respect from rivals and strengthen Formula 1.

Cadillac’s participation in our application is not just about branding. General Motors Corporation is very seriously involved in this project. They are an integral part of the team. If what we presented becomes known, you will see how seriously they participate.”

Source: F1 News

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