Montoya: Red Bull has no reason to change Perez

Daniel Ricciardo’s return behind the wheel of AlphaTauri prompted Red Bull Racing to take a close look at the Australian driver’s form and evaluate the possibility of inviting him next year in place of Sergio Perez, who not yet made the top ten in the last five qualifiers.

However, not everyone shares this opinion. Former Formula 1 driver Juan Pabo Montoya believes Red Bull Racing will not change Perez so as not to upset their leader Max Verstappen, who is now very comfortable with a partner who does not regularly claim to win.

Juan Pablo Montoya: “The team has no reason to invite another rider to replace Sergio Perez. You don’t have to risk ruining your relationship with Max. Thanks to Sergio, there is a great atmosphere in the team, because Verstappen does not feel any pressure.

Sometimes Sergio can demonstrate the highest level and thereby wake up Max – this approach works perfectly at the moment.

Maybe in two or three years the team will need someone else, because Max, while he will continue to be a great racer, will change a bit. And then the team needs a rider with a great desire to succeed. These changes are a normal part of the deal.”

Source: F1 News

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