Daniel Ricciardo compared Norris and Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo, along with Carlos Sainz, is one of only two active Formula 1 drivers to have worked alongside Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. When asked to compare Max and Lando, the Australian said the McLaren driver had the potential to become world champion.

Daniel Riccardo: “There is no doubt that Lando is a very good driver. He is one of those who knows how to get the most out of the car at his disposal. I had problems with that at McLaren. I looked at him and thought Lando is making the most of what he has. In most cases this led to results.

If Lando is in the leading team, he will be very fast. I have no doubts about this, since he has already proven everything.

As for Max, he is now performing phenomenally, just like Lewis Hamilton in his day. He wins every week, handles pressure and everything.

I hope one day Lando gets behind the wheel of a car that can win. Do I think he won’t make it? No, I don’t think Lando will succeed. I think he’s a phenomenal talent.

It’s hard for me to compare him to Max, but we know Lando can put in some great qualifying laps. But it is clear that Max is also good at it. On certain days Lando can be as fast as Max, but it’s hard for me to make comparisons. However, Lando is a very, very good racer.

I think when Lando gets his first win a lot of people will say he can go all the way to the title. He hasn’t won yet, but he’s young and I think Lando will continue to learn and improve.

I have no reason to believe he won’t win. Until he had a car at his disposal that could win races – only that would stop him. I’m sure he has every chance to win.”

Source: F1 News

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