Gran Turismo: After the premiere, opinions are divided

Gran Turismo: After the premiere, opinions are divided

Yesterday was the European premiere of Gran Turismo, a new motorsport film based on the biography of British driver Ian Mardenborough, who miraculously grew from sim racer to professional driver for the Nissan Motorsports factory team.

The film comes from the high budget category, about $ 100 million was spent on its production, suffice it to say that Danny Moore, the fictional head of Nissan’s racing division (although the prototype of this character is the very real Darren Cox), is played by Orlando Bloom, and Geri played the mother of protagonist Halliwell, former member of the legendary Spice Girls, and now the wife of Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing.

Judging by the reviews of those who attended the premiere, audiences are likely to split into two camps. Anyone who expects this to be a kind of biopic, filmed in a more or less documentary style, will clearly be disappointed. And anyone who likes fast cars with dashing guys behind the wheel, all sorts of stunts and other “action” will definitely like Gran Turismo.

They say the makers of the film were the best at racing scenes, although motorsport experts will immediately catch them in purely cinematic rigs: their Le Mans, for example, looks suspiciously like the Hungaroring. However, these are trifles that do not distort the perception of what is happening on the screen.

Everything is shot really cool, using all the modern technologies and their skillful combination, and fans of the Gran Turismo game that gave the name to the movie should especially appreciate the movie. Actually, the picture is just designed specifically for them and in general for the generation of gamers. Columbia Pictrues and PlayStation Productions plan to raise at least $200 million worldwide.

The main thing, – warn those who have already seen the film, is to enjoy the picture and great sound, and not tune in to the fact that some meaningful depths await you, since the plot is very simple. Yes, and Mardenborough’s biography is presented with obvious violations of chronology, but this is still a Hollywood movie and has its own laws. At the same time, everyone emphasizes that the British actor Archie Madekwe did an excellent job with the role of the main character, and he is much more convincing than the movie stars with whom he worked in the ensemble.

In general, there is a risk that both movie fans and racing purists will complain about the film, but Gran Turismo will be well received by fans of all kinds of modern fairy tales, and they are still in the majority.

It’s just that under the current conditions it is difficult to count on the mass rental of new items in our country, although there is no doubt that it will reach the domestic audience in one form or another.

It is also worth adding that the fate of Jan Mardenborough, while interesting in its own way, is not entirely unique, as the sports biography of the Russian racer Mark Shulzhitsky developed in a similar way, but that’s another story.

Source: F1 News

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