Palou’s actions are caused by disbelief in the prospects in F1?

Palou’s actions are caused by disbelief in the prospects in F1?

A strange situation has suddenly arisen around Alex Palou, the 2021 IndyCar champion, who confidently leads the American series in the individual standings this season.

Until recently, few people doubted that the fast Spanish racer had two options: either he would move to Formula 1 in some capacity, or he would continue to compete in IndyCar in 2024, but join the Arrow McLaren team . However, it was announced yesterday that Alex has breached the agreement with McLaren Racing and apparently intends to stay with Chip Ganassi Racing. In addition, what happened led to a break in relations with the Monaco Enhance Management company, which was busy with his career.

According to The Race, it is very understandable why Palou did this. Jobs at McLaren in Formula 1 are not only expected next season, but are unlikely to appear within one or even two years as the positions of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri strengthen.

Speaking of IndyCar, the Arrow McLaren drivers have yet to record a single win this year, while Palou has already climbed to the top step of the podium four times. On the one hand, there is no doubt about the potential of the team, but it still works less stable than Chip Ganassi Racing.

If Palou has nothing to look forward to in Formula 1, it’s only natural to assume he’s decided to stay on the team with which he successfully competes for the IndyCar title.

But here’s the question: Palou is also the official reserve driver for McLaren in Formula 1, and in theory he will have to work behind the wheel of the MCL60 during Friday practice this year – how will the situation develop on this front, as Alex obviously fell out with Zach Brown?

Brown’s frustration is understandable: McLaren has repeatedly given Palou the chance to work behind the wheel of a 2021 car so he can adapt to the idiosyncrasies of Formula 1, and after all, testing is a very expensive affair. In addition, last year Brown allegedly helped Alex pay legal fees related to a lawsuit over his contract with Chip Ganassi’s team.

Despite all the urgency of that situation, it did not come to a loud scandal, the parties came to an agreement and the Spaniard continued to play for Chip Ganassi Racing, where they treat him very well.

But on the part of McLaren Racing, it is quite possible to expect some form of legal action, as Brown will certainly seek compensation for costs incurred by the company he runs.

Be that as it may, no one expected such behavior from Alex Palow, and now everyone is wondering what consequences they will lead to.

Source: F1 News

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