Andrea Stella: Cappuccino shouldn’t be hot!

Andrea Stella: Cappuccino shouldn’t be hot!

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella answered some of his most frequently asked questions about him in the Google search engine.

Q: Where is Andrea Stella from??
Andrew Stella: I am from Italy, from a city called Orvieto – this is a beautiful place, I recommend everyone to go there.

Q: Where did Andrea Stella study?
Andrew Stella: I studied in Rome as an aerospace engineer and have a PhD in aerodynamics.

Q: Andrea Stella’s favorite race?
Andrew Stella: My favorite race is the European Grand Prix in Valencia in 2012. Some consider it the most exciting Formula 1 race ever on a dry track.

Q: How does Andrea Stella prepare for racing?
Andrew Stella: It’s an intense process, I try to think as much as possible, think about all possible scenarios – what are the chances of succeeding? What are the risks associated with this? At the same time, it is important to communicate with everyone in the team to understand how you can achieve the best result together.

Q: Favorite sport?
Andrew Stella: In general, I like sports, everything – this is Formula 1 and other categories of motorsport, but I also like basketball and tennis.

Q: Favorite hobbies?
Andrew Stella: Recently I decided to take up tennis myself and now I try to train as soon as I have time.

Q: Favorite song?
Andrew Stella: It’s an Italian song called Che Fantastica Storia E’ la Vita (Antonello Venditti).

Q: Favorite food?
Andrew Stella: Lasagna my mom makes.

Q: What kind of coffee does Andrea Stella prefer to drink?
Andrew Stella: This is an important point! Please, cappuccino, but there must be very little coffee and the drink must be warm. Cappuccino doesn’t have to be hot! I don’t understand why everyone wants to make a hot cappuccino?!..

Source: F1 News

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