Lando Norris: The last laps were nervous

Lando Norris finished second in Singapore – and is very pleased with the weekend’s results…

Question: Lando, what were you thinking about in the last few laps – fighting for the win or defending against George?
Lando Norris: I defended myself, defended second place. George couldn’t overtake me, he barely overtook when he had a lead of five or six tenths, so there was no chance of me overtaking Carlos with a lead of one tenth.

Carlos played smart. I shouldn’t have tried to attack him. The more I attacked, the more vulnerable I became to the guys behind me. The last laps were nervous. It was important not to make any mistakes. I knew George would put pressure on me, and I had to defend myself. Then Carlos pulled back and a little gap opened up and I was able to use DRS. We both worked smartly, allowing us to leave the Mercedes behind.

In the last lap I hit the wall where George also had an accident. I hit him with the front of the car and panicked a little, but nothing bad happened, just the steering wheel moved a little to the side. All in all a great race, intense from start to finish. Almost everything went perfectly.

Question: Did you feel at the beginning of the race that Carlos was in your best interest?
Lando Norris: I do not know. We were fast too. He made a few mistakes. By the end of the segment we were faster. Then I started to feel serious pressure from George. If he had overtaken me, it would have been much more difficult for Carlos.

But he rode a great race. George, Lewis and Carlos looked great and made no mistakes.

Source: F1 News

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