Izola: In Suzuka the teams will try out the new C2 composition

In Suzuka the load on the tires is high, so the teams will have three ‘hard’ compounds: C1, C2 and C3 and the roles Hard, Medium and Soft…

Mario IsolaPirelli: “The Japanese Grand Prix will take place on one of the most interesting and challenging circuits in the history of Formula: Suzuka with its unique figure-eight configuration. Racers love this historic track, which is perfect for today’s fast cars.

Given the significant lateral and vertical loads, Suzuka is no less demanding on tires than on racers. These loads are distributed evenly to all four wheels, as there are ten right turns and eight left turns on the six-kilometer circuit.

In this regard, we brought the ‘hard’ three compositions to Japan: C1, C2 and C3. It is only nominally the same as last year’s roster due to the new C1 lineup introduced this season, between C2 and the former C1, now called C0.

On Friday, teams will have the opportunity to test the new version of the C2 compound in order to homologate it for next season. This latest development should provide better grip than the current C2 and fit more harmoniously between the C1 and C3.

In the first two free practice sessions, each driver receives two extra sets of tires in addition to the regular 13 sets. These tests are part of a development program that will continue with testing of the new C4 compound, which we will test at the Mexican Grand Prix.”

Source: F1 News

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