Athletistic/Formula 1. Leader of the personal Formula 1 rankings for the 2023 season, Max Verstappen, representing Red Bull, has a chance to become world champion at the next round, which will take place in Qatar. His closest pursuer is his teammate, the Mexican Sergio Perez. Currently, after 16 rounds of the season, Verstappen has a 177-point lead.

There are an additional 180 points available for the remaining races of the season. It is possible that Max Verstappen will enter the Qatar Grand Prix as world champion, given that this stage includes a sprint race.

There are several scenarios in which Verstappen can win the championship. He will win the sprint title if he loses to Perez by no more than 6 points. Sixth place in the sprint will be enough for him, even if Perez wins Saturday’s race. If Perez wins the sprint and Verstappen doesn’t score enough points, he will have to finish eighth or ninth with the fastest lap already in the race to become champion.

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