Izola: The strategy of two pit stops turned out to be the best

As the Suzuka race progressed, the teams experimented with strategies using all three tire compounds and a different number of pit stops, but most drivers stopped twice.

Mario Isola: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Red Bull on winning the sixth Constructors’ Championship, and also on the fact that now only the drivers of this team – Max or Sergio – can win the title in the individual competition. The team led by Christian Horner has left a clear mark on modern Formula 1 and fully deserves such results.

In Suzuka the stress on the tires is very high, and this year the demands on the tires have become even higher due to the unusually warm weather, but in the race everything went exactly as we expected. The teams used all three available formations and we saw different strategy options.

After studying the data obtained during training, we considered the two pit stop strategy to be the fastest, which was ultimately confirmed. Those who tried to use other options, especially Russell, lost to their opponents in the final stretch.

Compared to Friday, Medium tires were actively used today, although the difference in degradation compared to Soft was small. It is clear that the C2 compound offers more flexibility in choosing further options, which is why most riders used it in the beginning.”

Source: F1 News

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