Leo Turini: No hara-kiri, but no banzai either

Leo Turini, the famous Italian racing journalist, commented as always in his own way on the events that took place last weekend in Suzuka, using some terms that everyone immediately associates with samurai culture.

Here is confirmation that Max Verstappen did not fall asleep at all.

The FIA’s technical directive had no effect whatsoever on the speed of the driver who was so clearly dominant in the World Championship. The fact that Max single-handedly provided Red Bull Racing with an early victory in the Constructors’ Championship yesterday gives much food for thought, and without any prejudice towards his Mexican teammate, whose performance can only be called a failure.

The thought is already creeping in that Perez is deliberately provoking all these countless incidents so that Red Bull will continue to be talked about, because SuperMax has orchestrated his world tours in such a way that he has simply disappeared from view.

Now let’s talk about the rest.

Ferrari is in his repertoire: during the race, red cars were virtually invisible. Moreover, they were far behind even McLaren, and this happened in Suzuka, which everyone considers a real racing circuit. I won’t say it was for the Scuderia hara-kiri, but the word ‘banzai’ is also inappropriate here.

Mercedes is starting to get annoying. For months, Toto Wolff promised that the team could finally increase the car’s speed enough to overtake Verstappen, and we fools believed it. In fact, he couldn’t even repair the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and the bully George Russell.

Aston Martin looked like the team’s stimulants had simply worn off and deflated, so Fernando Alonso’s green car failed him again.

Source: F1 News

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