Athletistic / Formula 1. Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has shared his opinion on Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. He called it the best in history.

“Max is the best in history. Without a doubt. I called Alain Prost, now I call Max. He’s the greatest. He gets everything out of the car better than anyone and doesn’t act stupid. He works according to the program. In my list he is higher than Lewis Hamilton.

Conditions under which Verstappen will become world champion at the Qatar Grand Prix

Of course, Lewis is incredibly good, incredibly talented. Lewis understands people and is able to get everything out of them, and Max gets everything out of the car. Lewis is very different from Max. When Lewis is done racing, maybe he’ll find his place in another world – in the entertainment industry or otherwise. But Max won’t do that,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying by DailyMail.