Nelson Piquet is expelled from BRDC

Three-time world champion Nelson Piquet loses his honorary membership of the British BRDC racing club. The club’s press office released a statement today.

“The BRDC Board of Directors noted that Honorary Member Nelson Pique Sr. of the BRDC in November last year during a podcast Lewis described Hamilton with a racially offensive term in Portuguese. We also took note of Mr Piquet’s apology yesterday.

Given the BRDC’s zero-tolerance policy for any act that is racist or suggests racism, the BRDC board has concluded that Mr Piqué’s use of a racially offensive word to describe another BRDC member [и семикратного чемпиона мира] is unacceptable and represents behavior completely inappropriate for an honorary member of the BRDC, despite his later apologies.

We have informed Mr Piqué of the immediate suspension of his membership. After due process, the board will terminate Mr. Piqué’s membership at the meeting, which will take place after the mandatory seven days’ notice,” the official statement said.

Source: F1 News

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