Alex Albon: Kvyat and I didn’t give each other advice

Alex Albon made his Formula 1 debut in 2019 at Toro Rosso, where he was a teammate of Daniil Kvyat, and halfway through the season the Thai driver ended up at Red Bull Racing with Max Verstappen. In 2023, Alex is already an experienced partner for Logan Sargent, who is in his debut season.

When asked if the experience of working with teammates in his debut season has influenced the way he deals with Sargent now, Alex said: “I don’t think so much. When I think back to my debut season, I think more about how I compared myself to my teammates. Now the situation is somewhat different.

When I remember my performances with Daniil and Max… With Daniil we were more bitter rivals, because we played in a youth team and wanted to be ahead of each other. This is exactly the atmosphere that prevailed at Toro Rosso at the time. However, Daniil and I are still on good terms. But when we performed together, we didn’t give each other advice because we were fighting against each other.

As for Max, I was more focused on replicating his speed. My main priority was to understand the car’s features. But I didn’t ask Max questions like, “How do you drive this thing?”

With Logan the situation is different because he and I are at different stages of our careers and our job is to make the car better. As a result, we communicate very openly with him, because we are not really competing with each other.

The way I see the situation is that Logan and I are fighting together against other teams, and thanks to this we have an open dialogue with him. If he finds something in the car or I find something that makes the car better, we immediately share it with each other.

We know we don’t want to struggle in the first part of qualifying. We want to fight in the qualifying final, so the current situation in the team is different from the one I had in the past.”

Source: F1 News

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