Vettel: It is very important to continue the fight for equality

Sebastian Vettel commented on this week’s turbulent events on the eve of the British stage of the season: The Aston Martin driver is convinced Formula 1 should not be left on the sidelines in the fight for race equality.

Sebastian Vettel: “To be completely honest, we shouldn’t just talk about the events of the past few days. This is probably what Lewis Hamilton and his family have been dealing with all their lives.

Insults in any form are bad and wrong. I think that’s why the response from the entire Formula 1 community has been so active and quick. Many responded and expressed support for Lewis.

There should be no place for such comments in any form. Although they are still quite common. I think the situation is much better now than it was many years ago, but the problem is not solved, if such things still happen, and there are still people who allow themselves incorrect statements.

It is very important to raise these issues, the problem will not be solved soon, it is very big and Formula 1 has a responsibility to counter such things, and we are trying to act that way.

We started the WeRaceAsOne campaign, it has absolutely clear goals that we are pursuing. It is not just about inappropriate statements, but also how we act, what steps we take to achieve universal equality. It’s important to be nice, because people are the most important…”

This week revealed the racist remarks against Hamilton once made by Nelson Piquet for which the three-time world champion was widely condemned, as well as Red Bull Racing’s decision to end its partnership with Estonian Formula 2 driver Jüri Vips.

Source: F1 News

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