Brundle: Flat track at Silverstone will help Mercedes

In previous years, Lewis Hamilton has won eight times at Silverstone and if he does it again he will set an all-time record as no driver in Formula 1 history has managed to achieve nine wins on the same track to date.

But what are his chances of success in the British Grand Prix at home?

Martin Brundle, ex-Formula 1 driver and now a popular commentator on Sky Sports, gave a brief prediction for the upcoming race, naming some of the favourites.

Martin Brundle “To turn the tide in the championship, Mercedes has to do a lot and Silverstone is the most suitable place for such an attempt. A few years ago the track surface was updated and now the surface is incredibly smooth. There aren’t many curbs to overcome here and we know that the Mercedes car runs efficiently with minimal ground clearance.

On this circuit with its fast corners, the team can put the W13 on a very small clearance – let’s see if it can significantly increase the speed of the car. In addition, Mercedes has prepared a number of technical innovations for Silverstone – however, other teams will try to add as well.

Red Bull Racing has turned it around in an incredible way since the start of the season, but now it is the turn of the other teams to try and take on Max Verstappen, who has a more than noticeable advantage. Everyone remembers, of course, that he was taken off this circuit by ambulance last year and he doesn’t want to repeat that experience at all. Then he had a very serious accident in the Copse corner.

I think Red Bull understand that they will face very strong opponents, primarily with Ferrari, but Mercedes will most likely add to that as well.

“I am very interested in how fast the Red Bull car will be, because the difference in speed between the RB18 and the Ferrari F1-75 is very small,” added Damon Hill, world champion in 1996. “Ferrari appears to be more efficient in certain areas, such as handling medium and slow corners better, but how things will pan out at Silverstone remains to be seen.”

Source: F1 News

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