Hamilton: I am grateful to everyone, especially the riders

Lewis Hamilton hopes the technical innovations the Mercedes team prepared for the Silverstone round will work, but the questions he had to answer weren’t just about racing.

“It’s always nice when a car gets technical upgrades,” Hamilton said at a press conference at Silverstone. “It’s impressive how much work the team is doing behind the scenes, everyone is working hard, staying focused and getting results.

Getting new components ready for a race is always a big effort, especially now that we’re working on tight budgets. I hope that these efforts will be reflected in the results that we will show on the track, because this year it has already happened, for example, that after introducing some new items, we have not been able to achieve any effect from them. I hope it will be different this time.”

Of course, Hamilton also had to respond to the unpleasant story that stirred the world of Formula 1 this week, when it became known about the racist statements that three-time world champion Nelson Piquet allowed himself.

The Brazilian was collectively condemned and Lewis thanked everyone who responded in one way or another and expressed their support: “I am incredibly grateful to everyone, especially the riders. Of course, we are still dealing with similar issues, but this is nothing new to me.

I don’t understand why people with such archaic views are still given a podium. After all, they appear to speak on behalf of our sport, although that is not typical for Formula 1, and we are going in a completely different direction. If we want the championship audience to grow at the expense of the US and other countries, for example South Africa, then we have to look to the future.

That’s why it’s important to see the big picture, because it’s not just about one particular person. I understand that we have now seen a spontaneous response to such stories on a global scale. The PR departments of various companies already have a ready-made script for such a case, but that is not enough. It is time to take concrete steps. We live in a difficult time when people have to try to unite. A lot is already being done, but more needs to be done because I cannot do it alone.”

Source: F1 News

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