FIA controls the build-up from the podium in France

The FIA ​​has postponed measures to control the build-up of high-speed cars until the French stage of the championship, which starts on July 22. This gives the teams two weeks to prepare for the introduction of this innovation.

Two weeks ago, the federation in Canada decided to intervene in the build-up situation, citing concerns for the safety and health of the riders, and the teams were sent a technical directive, the content of which we have already discussed.

In order to eliminate the consequences of this unpleasant phenomenon, the FIA ​​​​is planning to introduce a special control parameter that takes into account the vertical acceleration during the vibrations of the car, which will set an acceptable limit for the level of this vibrations. And the teams will have to stick to this limit – the point is that if some cars do not meet this parameter, they will have to adjust their settings, increase the ground clearance, etc.

During the days of the Canadian weekend, FIA specialists collected a certain amount of data, analyzed it and before the British Grand Prix, the teams received fresh input from the federation.

Monitoring the vertical acceleration of cars will only start with the French Grand Prix, so that all championship participants have time to take action: “We have identified a parameter to control this phenomenon, and the teams have received new information that will allow them to conduct their own analysis in the next two Grands Prix to determine what changes, if any, need to be made, if at all, to comply with the technical guideline that will come into effect at the French Grand Prix.

Also, the FIA ​​has introduced new limits for the wear of the control rod and the stiffness of the elements of the underside of the car, which affect the build-up, as this is inextricably linked with the introduction of new control measures.

Source: F1 News

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