Nicole Piastri is a beautiful mother of an excellent flyer

It is not often that the parents of Formula 1 drivers lead an active public life, communicating with the press or managing their pages on social networks, precisely in anticipation of the attention of fans.

You may of course remember that John Button and Anthony Hamilton were once very prominent figures in the paddock, but these are still special cases. The father of the 2009 world champion was a famous British racer and competed in rallycross, and Hamilton Sr. first took care of his son’s career and then became the manager of several more pilots.

Another thing is Nicole Piastri, the mother of a McLaren driver who is predicted to have a great future in Formula 1. She has a good sense of humor and uses social networks quite effectively, which perhaps contributes to the popularity of her talented and fast son. .

For example, when Oscar took the podium for the first time this season at the Japanese Grand Prix, Nicole shared a photo of his collection of old cups from his karting days and commented: “Oscar, great job! But does this mean I can finally throw something out here?..”

This comment of hers received over 20,000 likes, which is quite a lot. And even earlier, during the Suzuka race weekend, there was another episode worth discussing in more detail.

We quoted the words of Zac Brown, executive director of McLaren Racing, in an interview with Sky Sports, who said he was willing to pay for Oscar’s mother’s plane tickets from Australia to Japan: “It would be great for the whole Piastri family ! ”

And this is how Nicole responded to this proposal, and her response to Brown was also very appreciated by the fans: “Thank you for the generous offer, but I think it would be better for me to experience all my nervous attacks in the comfort of my house. But closer to the Grand Prix of Las Vegas, I want to master the art of meditation.”

A sly smiley was added to these words.

And of course, we must separately note the comment of Nicole Piastri that appeared on her pages on social networks when it became known that McLaren had signed a multi-year contract with her son: “What!! So we’re going to do all this for another three years???”

This time the emoticon cried.

In this context, her reaction to the news of Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 as an AlphaTauri driver seems quite logical: “I am genuinely happy for Daniel, but have we thought about his mother, who believed that she could finally relax? ”

In any case, there is no doubt that Nicole Piastri is proud of the successes of her son, who on his way to Formula 1 became champion of three youth series in a row at the first attempt: in 2019 Oscar won the Formula Renault Eurocup, the following season he won the title in F3 and a year later he became F2 champion. And now he has opened up about podium finishes in Formula 1, and few doubt that the 22-year-old Australian has excellent prospects.

Generally, his mother will have something to say.

Source: F1 News

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