Yuki Tsunoda doesn’t like the curbs on the highway in Qatar

Yuki Tsunoda doesn’t like the curbs on the highway in Qatar

The organizers of the Qatar Grand Prix have completely renovated the asphalt and curbs on the Losail circuit ahead of the 2023 race. Yuki Tsunoda, who walked around the track with AlphaTauri engineers on Thursday, was dissatisfied with the changes and expressed concern that the new curbstones could easily damage the underside of the car.

“They installed curbs with a very aggressive design,” Yuki Tsunoda shared his opinion. – The topic of respecting the boundaries of the track is always relevant, but in Qatar they installed very bad curbs, on which the risk of damaging the car is quite high.

There is a step between the curb and the departure area. Driving along the curb will not be a problem, but if you go over it, the car’s behavior will be similar to the sliding effect. The transition from the curb to the asphalt outside the track is not smooth and therefore it will be very difficult at high speeds, as the cars on this track are set to a minimum suspension height. I believe even losing time on the curb will be quite serious.

On Tuesday I worked on the simulator and then we studied photos of the curbs. They look very aggressive, which is causing concern among all engineers.”

Source: F1 News

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