Russell: It’s not the number of teams that counts, it’s their quality

Russell: It’s not the number of teams that counts, it’s their quality

One of the most important news of the week is the approval by the FIA ​​​​of the application of Andretti Formula Racing, which wants to create a new Formula 1 team. The official reaction from the championship’s owners, the American company Liberty Media, to this news was more than subdued; Lawrence Stroll, co-owner of Aston Martin, spoke out categorically negatively, but what do the racers think about this?

We gave Lewis Hamilton’s thoughts yesterday, but here’s what others said when asked what they thought about the prospect of the Andretti team appearing in the championship.

“Great team. I know Michael Andretti, and it is of course great to see this name appear in Formula 1,” said Fernando Alonso, who worked at Andretti Autosport in 2017 when he took part in the Indy 500. “But these kinds of decisions fall under the authority of other people, first FIA, then FOM, and also teams.

So I don’t even know what to say. Whatever the final decision will be, I will be happy with it. As I said, I love Michael and his organization, but I also understand other things and am willing to support Aston Martin’s position.”

Sergio Perez agrees with Alonso: “The decision is not ours, so we will wait and see. But Andretti is a well-known name and the emergence of a good team would obviously benefit our sport.”

According to Liam Lawson, who made his debut in Formula 1 just a few races ago, the more teams involved in the championship, the better for young drivers: “I think in my situation it is of course better if there is more cars are on the starting field. Although I personally never thought about it, because in my memory there were always 10 teams in the championship. But if there are more, it will be easier for drivers like me to get into Formula 1.”

This is what Mercedes driver George Russell said: “I think Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and we all want the level of competition to be high. I can’t say I’m against it, but if a new team can appear in the championship, it has to be a high-level team that can add something to our sport.

If the world were perfect, we would want all ten teams to compete on equal terms. And I am sure that the best solution will be found in Formula 1, but whatever the answer is, it is not the number of teams that count, but their quality. Like I said, I’m not in favor of a new team.”

Source: F1 News

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